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The first stone church was probably built at Badsey in the 11th century.In the Middle Ages, the main landowner was the church.Following the dissolution of Evesham Abbey, the Dean and Chapter of Christ Church, Oxford, have been rectors and patrons of the parish since 1546, as well as being substantial landowners.Agriculture has been the main occupation of the village for most of its history.At the beginning of the 19th century, the old open field system gave way to a more enclosed landscape which suited the agricultural revolution which was taking place, but changed the landscape irrevocably.The predominant occupation of the 19th century continued to be agriculture with over 70% of the working population was engaged in agriculture.This website, more than anything else, can perhaps be viewed as Richard's memorial and legacy to the village.Our other websites, (the village today - groups and organisations) and Society archive and virtual museum) continue to accept contributions.

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